Memento: Wanstead Park

Memento Sound Walk 2015
at Wanstead Park

LATEST: New event on Sun 10 July 2016 with choreographer Hannah MerakiEVENT INFO


Wanstead Park 2015

Memento – Wanstead Park, uses oral history recordings to piece together an identity for a public space fused with personal recollection and a nod to the future. Local voices gently guide you around the park and into their own memories.

The concept is different to previous memento sound walks with no actors, instead ‘real voice’ is meshed together. What stays the same is that it allows listeners to put on their headphones and switch on their senses – absorbing stories against the backdrop of their own field of vision. Take a memento from your experience or leave one behind.


Logistics: Self guided audio walk – alone or in a group.
Begin: Old phonebox outside of Wanstead tube station.
Start to finish is 1 hour – does not loop back so retrace steps or look at a map to exit the park.
Trust your instincts and getting lost is no bad thing. We recommend going in daylight hours.

Map: We might make a pretty one. For now, use this map.

Transcription: In case you’d prefer to read what’s said… WansteadParkTranscription-CLEAN

Audio: Stream is recommended from soundcloud – below – use your own device and headphones. Pre-loaded players & headphones available at Aldersbrook and Wanstead Libraries

This sound walk is available free of charge and is under a creative commons license
Attribution-Non Commercial



Listen to full oral history interviews with wind distortion and loud coffee shop atmos

All the voices included have differing view points and memories. For real historical facts, look here.

Photos and blog posts from the park and the project at Olivia’s Blog

Feedback: Let us know what you thought if you’ve already done a Memento Sound Walk 



Devised by Olivia Bellas
Sound Support: Sherry Ostapovitch

Thanks to all the voices:

Peter Brown
Gillian James
Ralph Potter
Terry McDowell
Richard Arnopp
Roger Godbold
Alan James
Haydn Powell
Kate Tiernan
Marion Davies

And the snippets of conversations we had with the nature club, the dog walkers and the tea hut lovers.

Music by Chad Crouch – his interpretations of French composer and pianist Erik Satie – Re-arranged Furniture Music Volume 4 via the excellent

Support from Friends of Wanstead Parklands

Thanks to funding from:


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