Memento: Limehouse Town Hall

Memento Sound Walk 2012
at Limehouse Town Hall


Image Credit: Russell Dornan

Limehouse Town Hall 2012

Memento – Limehouse Town Hall, uses audio to guide listeners through the grand stories and little-known people of this building with a past. Looking at the first 50 years of it’s life from 1881, moments come alive through character driven narratives, heart-warming soundtracks and things to touch, taste, see. Take a memento from your experience or leave one behind.

The concept for this walk was lo-fi simplicity. The location speaks loudly so developing a complementary script and moving away from choreography was the focus. The aim was to create a personal piece of theatre that was effective alone or in a group.


Logistics:- Limehouse Town Hall is not ordinarily open to the public but open days often take place including the annual Open House Weekend. Check at for dates when you can access the building and do the walk.

Map: Ah no, you don’t need one of those!

Audio: Stream is recommended from soundcloud – below – use your own device and headphones. Pre-loaded players & headphones available for hire at Limehouse Town Hall.

Photos: From the walk and event 

Download: Memento Limehouse Press Release

Feedback: Let us know what you thought if you’ve already done a Memento Sound Walk 





The Team
Olivia Bellas – Project Director & Writer
Perdita Stott – Project Coordinator

Adam Mendez – Sound Design
Craig Murray: Graphic Design, Teaser Video
Dan Brown – Technical Coordinator
Waverley Keys: Soundtrack

Jo Shaw –  Set & Props
Nichola Charalambou (Creative Writes) – Script Advisor
Sarah Carroll & Kathy Clarke – Archive/Research

Thank you to all at Limehouse Town Hall Consortium Trust:

Steph Patten: Voiceover – Narrator
Sarah Victoria: Voiceover – Rachel Schneider
Jamie Zubairi: Voiceover – Bao Zhang
Ned Palmer: Voiceover – Mr Hawkridge

Thanks to funding from:

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