Set Design: Our Productions

A beautiful thing happens for us when we set up our own productions. We have the pleasure of designing them too…

Reply to: PO Box 49
Theatrical Experience: July 2012
Set Design: Joanna Shaw, Steph Dennington
Talented brains behind it all: Leanne Davis, Sabrina Dridge, Michelle McMahon

A pan century promenade experience – a labyrinth of rooms that allow you to step into the different wolds of the lonely hearts. It was a co-production we worked on – more on that here.  And some Pics here.



Bunker PLC: Set Design for immersive performance/installation: 2011
Set Design by Joanna Shaw
A production that took place in a dark, damp, disused subterranean bunker space. 7 rooms were graced with the sci-fi magic wand and transformed into the headquarters of the future. Where everyone wants to work. Pics here.



Touch It: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Curated by Olivia Bellas – Set Design by Joanna Shaw
Whatever the theme of Touch It, it’s key for the surroundings to bring it all alive. Touch It 2 was all about an indoor forest,  Touch it 3 was VHS mania, Touch It 4 was film noir filth. Pics here.



The Red Restaurant: Immersive Art Installation: 2007, 2008
Set Design by Joanna Shaw

A 1930’s art deco gangstar land restaurant was achieved in a space that started life as a white box. The space was designed for a live band and dining audience, including multi-media projections . Pics here.


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