Set Design: Clients

Set design for clients in the film world, live events and music videos.


Client: Precise Films
Veeder Music Video: 2010
Set Design by Joanna Shaw
A promo that involved all your favourite things; locusts, spandex, cages and broken TV’s.


Client: Christianne Van Wijk/Art of Life Film
Scandalous Four: Feature Film: 2009
Set Design & Props by Joanna Shaw
A sumptuous and deviant improvised film about some very odd shennanagins in a 19th century country house.


Client: Maximillian Day Productions
Wild Oats: Feature Film: 2008
Set Design & Props by Joanna Shaw – Written and Directed by Maximilian Day – Cinematography by Ben Cole

Wild Oats is based around the trials and tribulations of one Alexander Knight, a budding filmmaker, and his morphed vision of reality. Writer/director Maximilian Day is winner of the best Director Award at the Portobello Film Festival 2005 and won first prize at the Cannes Film Festival 2005 for the 24-hour film challenge. The film was released in 2009 with Screen Deep set dressing and design.


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