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After 3 years work with On the Record and the expert collaboration of Nicole Robson and Adam Mendez – 

The Texture of Air  honours the incredible work carried out at both the RNTNEH and Eastman Dental hospitals on their former sites on Grays Inn Road, Kings X London. Whilst they were still open, we were luck enough to have access to these unique institutions; collected oral histories, recorded atmospheres, made music and friends. The result is a 22 film and interactive digital archive: and a permanent exhibition in the new site which is now their home; The New Royal National ENT & Eastman Dental Hospitals, 47-49 Huntley Street, London, WC1E 6DG




London Community Story is the evolution of the work from our Conversation Booth. It puts communities in the lead, lived experience as expert knowledge and highlights new ways for us to listen to eachother.



The Conversation Booth evolved and took on a new shape, a literal new structure – a mobile audio recording facility. It toured 6 venues, asked 6 questions and the resulting audio collages can be found at the website.




Through sound and game play, our ‘The Sweet Sound of…’ installation explores local heritage at the Cloud Nine Community Festival.

We’ve been commissioned by the partnership; Fantasy High Street, Old Diorama Arts Centre and West Euston Partnership to record stories from Kings Cross & Euston from the last 40 years. Speaking with local organisations and residents pre festival, we built up an online archive of the full interviews.


Remember guess the sweets in the jar? We’ve taken soundbites from these interviews and will be inviting festival audiences to listen to our bottled sounds and guess the sound. Massive prize sweet jar, very heavy…up for grabs. ‘The Sweet sound of…’ installation also has a conversation cube – a place where you can answer the questions at the festival and hear back all the responses from the day in an abstract way.

Cloud Nine Community Festival runs 12-4, Sat 16 Sep 2017 at Cumberland Market Estate, free.

Installation designed by and







Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 18.01.12Our Memento Audio Guide at Wanstead Park was made last year. And this July we have a new event.  We’ve been working with choreographer Hannah Meraki to incorporate dance – all the detail is here SoundDance2016PressRelease
About Memento Audio Guides




ear nose throat teeth

Image Credit

When you do a google image search and then you get lost in it. “Ear/Nose/Throat/Teeth line drawing” – just mesmerising.  This image had that unknown feeling, what an odd angle, meaty and maybe even amphibian. Along with expert Oral Historians On the Record, we’ve been commissioned by UCLH to document together the transition from the old ear nose throat and dental hospitals to the new Phase 5 location due to open in a few years. We’re right at the start of it – a long project – and as the process fascinates both organisations we’ll be collaborating extensively with ScreenDeep producing a sound installation for the new site.




We’re exploring a new element of our sound walks/alternative audio guides – with dance. Thanks to support from Redbridge Council – we’ll be developing a new event in July 2016 that uses our existing Wanstead Park walk as the bed for a site specific dance performance. Collaborators and dates available soon.

This particular walk is also part of the FIND YOUR LONDON FESTIVAL 18-28 March 2016 – encouraging you to explore the city’s green spaces.



Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 09.13.35
Image Credit: June Cadogan

Memento – Trinity Buoy Wharf is our new sound walk.
Book one of the ‘live’ experience walks on 25th Nov at 7pm/ 8pm/ 9pm –

Have you ever stood in front of a shipping container studio right opposite the O2? Do you think you know where alternative London is? We are launching, “Memento: Trinity Buoy Wharf” on Wednesday 25th of November 2015. Part of our Memento series, this sound walk, lasting an hour, merges entertainment and social commentary with interview soundbites from artists, heritage experts and locals.

With a full moon and high tides, November 25th marks the perfect opportunity for a launch night, with a performer taking a select few through darkened corners to enhance the experience. It’s free – come to explore the site where cherry pickers sit alongside artists’ studios and where London’s only Lighthouse shines over a 1940s diner.

·         Book one of the free walks at 7pm/ 8pm/ 9pm –

·         Speak to artist Jem Finer, Longplayer creator at the Lighthouse between 7pm and 8pm

·         Talk to artists in their studios and see projections at the Electrician’s Shop by Chocolate Films, Mash Cinema and Photo Essay by Henrietta Williams between 6.30pm and 10.30pm

·         Eat out at Fat Boy’s Diner and the Bow Creek Café with live music acts between 7pm and 10pm

·         No RSVP required for event. And if you want to do the walk  in your own time, simply turn up


Memento – Wanstead Park is a sound walk that uses oral history recordings to piece together an identity for a public space fused with personal recollection and a nod to the future. Local voices gently guide you around the park and into their own memories.

On Sunday May 24th, the first run of people will be able to have a listen to it. The meeting point is the old phonebox outside Wanstead tube station at 11am. It lasts about 45 minutes followed by tea and cake and feedback at The Temple.

The sound walk is free and will be available the day before to download at this link onto your own device, bring headphones:

We will also have a few ready to go headsets and mp3 players available so please email to reserve: (these will later be stored at local libraries).

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 14.36.10


We’ve been commissioned by Redbridge Council to create a Memento Sound Walk in Wanstead Park. More at this post:


LBR colour logo (1)


Gone back to have another check of our installation piece at the Museum of Docklands – it’s good. I like it. Just needed some time. More here at this post:

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 15.02.57

Memento had another go at open house at Limehouse Town Hall last week. Have very warm memories of making that walk. We feel there are more soon…we are busy making friends, hatching plans…hello new work.

<p><a href=”″&gt;

04/08/2014 – Contradictions/Glamour/Community…

That’s right.

The Gaumont Cinema.

What an incredible one that existed in North Finchley between 1937 and 1957.

Screendeep’s Olivia Bellas is working on a heritage project withe yet more oral histories. It’s becoming the source everything. The project itself os to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of artsdpeot. Here’s a link to her blog post about what she’s been up to on it. Better though is Keith’s soundbite in the video above.

10/04/2014 – Oral Histories
How did (do) you play? ScreenDeep’s Olivia Bellas has been off exploring what east enders did to keep them amused from the 1950’s onwards. The heritage Lottery funded projects uses oral histories as method to record personal history and share these memories via a blog. Short soundbites are available to have a listen to here:

Brochure Snapshot

15/01/2014 – Museum of London Docklands Commission

Our audio piece has been installed in the Museum of London Docklands. Go down and have a listen – they’ve actually gone for an ambient way of playing it. We’d actually had headphones in mind but you can let us know what you think. Here’s a snippet of the start….

<p><a href=”″>Museum of London – Conversations: Sample Audio</a> from <a href=””>ScreenDeep</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

10/09/2013 – Take it to Limehouse

Another chance to experience the Limehouse Town Hall Memento Audio Experience.
It’s on over Open House Weekend – all the info on the flyer below. ScreenDeep director talks about it on resonance radio – links and what have you here:

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 14.33.37

22/07/2013 – Museum of Docklands – done

Well done ScreenDeep team!

We’ve completed our sound piece commissioned by the Museum of London Docklands about Music Hall.  We’re waiting to hear exactly where it will be placed but the celebration event with everyone involved was a good ole knees up.

DSC9404031 copy

Some serious recording afoot by the genius Adam Mendez – photo by Zvezdan Bozinovski

24/06/2013 – Feeling the need to be scared

So went to the Die Antwoord gig at Brixton. Was hoping for inspiration, or at least to feel on edge but it did not arrive unfortunately.

Ah well, scared feeling needs toe be found elsewhere – this video is still crazy.

30/05/2013 – Why we are all Digital Anthropologists?

ScreenDeep co-director Olivia Bellas, talks about location based online initiative MyStreet 

Click links below the image…


CNN Article

Run Riot Article

23/04/2013 – Audio Walk

It’s back again – a free audio walk at Limehouse Town Hall – location and times here


06/03/2013 – East End Music Hall


We’ve been commissioned by Museum of London Docklands to create an audio piece for their new ‘Many East Ends’ gallery. We’re looking at the people and issues around West India Dock Road – Poplar, Isle of Dogs, Docklands is jam packed with history and present day intrigue….if you have a similar regeneration fetish then get yourself down here quick.

We’re working with Poplar Harca residents to inspire the conversations and Creative Writes to shape them lovingly.

18/02/2013 – Free Walks

info and address

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 23.48.04


03/12/2012 – Event This Week! 


Just five days left till the Memento event at the Limehouse Town Hall and there are still some tickets for the big screening of The Elephant Man plus live music from Waverley Keys. You can even have your dinner in the gothically beautiful Great Hall but make sure you book in advance and we will see you there  Saturday 8th Dec.

26/11/2012 – Get Your Tickets 

Tickets are currently on sale for the next Memento event on 8th December at the Limehouse Town Hall. Places are strictly limited and available only by booking in advance.  Get them now for your chance to experience Limehouse in a whole new way, enjoy a glass of hot toddie and watch the David Lynch classic the Elephant Man in a completely unique setting.

19/11/2012 – New Teaser Video

Our beautiful new teaser video for the upcoming Memento project is now up and running on the website. Take a look, share it with your friends and come experience the real thing, on for one night only, at the Limehouse Town Hall on Sat 8th Dec. Tickets are limited so don’t miss out, book now and we’ll see you there!

12/11/12 – Tickets Available


And only a fiver right here:

The Memento side of the night on Sat 8th Dec is limited capacity so get in early. The building doen’t ordinarily open to the public, not sure when you’ll get the chance again to give it a go.

Now that all the tests are out of the way, this week we are recording the final audio with our fine actors. Very good.

01/11/12 – Getting ready

Put it in your diaries now, Saturday 8th December, its shaping up to be a brilliant evening! The script is being refined, the voice over actors are being cast and we’re very excited to tell you that we will soon be realising our teaser trailer! We got our first order of technical equipment and props through today and we will soon have a beautiful new flyer to show you. There was also a very lovely mention of us from Creative Writes this week – exciting stuff!

25/10/12 – 1880′s here we come

First draft of the script is printed, the coloured pen is out as we start to re-work it – it’s been great working with Creative Writes to explore the building and we’ve even caught ourselves wondering, “what would a building sound like if it had a voice?” Writing on the set of an opera is inspiring to say the least. We made it down to the Town Hall on the final night of Finding Butterfly – incredible to see it come alive with music – mind-blowing acoustics. And an intriguing set….we’re also planning our own event there on Sat 8th Dec – save the date.

18/10/12 – Memento – The Blueprints


We have been very busy bees this week, searching through the London Metropolitan Archives, finding lots of brilliant new images for the beautiful Limehouse Town Hall and preparing for our new Memento flyers, out soon! We’ve also got a team date to the Opera coming up to go see the stunning Finding Butterfly  performed in our very own Limehouse Town Hall. Will be lovely to see the space come alive and hopefully will come back with some cracking photos of the evening – watch this space!

18/09/12 – Memento – Limehouse Town Hall

The second in the series of our Memento audio walks. We’re keeping it east side again in the hautingly beautiful and very much alive, Limehouse Town Hall. We’re working with the Trust there to create something based usable for the future and different types of groups. 1880’s here we come.
For a different kind of audio walk altogether and only around the corner to Limehouse, Precast makes for a memorable afternoon and only on for a few more Saturdays and Sundays.

26/07/12 – Lonely Hearts History is done and was a sell out success, people left happy and the shoes made it in!
The piece in the Telegraph here.
Very proud to have worked on this,wearing lots of different hats; a bit about the production and a bit about the set design. Love will always be for sale. What currency are you using?

12/06/12 –

It’s all underway, the team are rocking. Reply to: PO Box 49 is happening 11-14 July, tickets on sale now for a tenner.

We are hoping these shoes make into the show.

And There is a video here that tells you a bit more, behind the scenes style…

14/05/12 – New work – new recruits!

Excitement as the new piece we are working on starts to unfold. More new soon on the concept and amazing people we are working with. For now, we need helping hands pls.


REPLY TO: PO BOX 49 is an interactive theatrical journey presenting the advent, development and current state of ‘Advertising for Love’. Inspired by the 300 year history of the lonely heart advert, we have developed a site-specific promenade theatrical experience, exploring the playfulness and tragedy this brings through theatrical scenes, audio experiences, video formats and interactive design. A 4 day run – 6 performances – 5 scripted performances – groups of up to 15 – various journeys that are shaped by the audience on the night.


We are a professional bunch of writers, producers, performers, playmakers who between us have worked with the BBC, Kneehigh, BAC and Punchdrunk. ScreenDeep are co-producers; more here:

We need some talented people to join us on this project, we’re looking for a range of skills:

Skillful and creative flyerers – we have a guerilla style plan!
Props and set design people
Social Media masters
Production Assistants

This is a completely voluntary role – we can guarantee fun however and a ticket to the show!

This is a South London based performance and you will need to be available for some of the following key dates:
Briefing/Flyering: 1st – 5th June
Performances: 11th -14th July

If interested, please forward CV and cover letter no later than 23rd May…to olivia[at]
telling us why you are interested in this role and joining the team.

29/03/12 – It’s all about silent movies right now……..

After his successful sell-out shows at the Brighton Fringe in 2010 and 2011, David Watts is back in Brighton this May with his show The Silent Movie Experience. ScreenDeep have particular interest in this show and the birth of the moving image. Research for a new production is brewing…..

Check out dates and ticket info for The Silent Movie Experience here:

08/02/12 Films @Tranmediale

Transmediale’s 2012 festival theme was ‘Incompatibility’ – glitches, things not matching up, the desire that we expect to. Transmediale started life as the experimental video faction of the Berlinale 25 years ago. Not surprising then that this festival had a wide and rich film programme. Older documentaries about hacking and it’s cash only at defcon. Oh so want to see Anonymous doc that will premiere at this year’s SXSW.

More about two other films that struck a chord and some more we discovered when over there.

26/01/12 – Country retreat, music, Jonathan Krisp and daffodils

An exciting musical collaboration has recently begun in the ScreenDeep camp between Joanna Shaw and the mega talented Jonathan Krisp. So the ScreenDeep lady has retreated from Hackney and decided to return to the heart of The Cotswolds, in Gloucestershire, to marvel at the beautiful countryside and get cracking with some writing. Moving back into one’s childhood bedroom room after nearly 10 years has actually been profoundly moving and lovely, I’ve been able to remember exactly who I am, what I’ve always loved musically and remember the same girl who is still full of the same dreams and desires. And to top it all off there are daffodils everywhere, ScreenDeep’s favourite flower, bless those little trumpets!

Check out Jonathan Krisp’s wonderful music here:


20/12/11 Don’t be shy

We’ve gone behind the scenes and been lending a voluntary hand to the team at You me Bum Bum Train – another incredible production, everytime a unique roller coaster. Being able to see the audiences reaction so close up is an incredible feeling. And so is the re-calibration the short experience has given us – to basically just do it. don’t be shy, don’t think it’s not possible, ask everyone to help, people will, they are good. It’s all hard work but nothing is better than creating something you know that people will never forget.

More about being behind the scenes at YMBBT


20/11/11 Sites in Brazil

This visit to Brazil felt less about beaches and ice cream and more about cities and buildings. Sao Paulo is Gotham City, possibly. The reality of those buildings – seeing them, seeing out from them, going up the lifts in them – is powerful even if you firmly believe architecture doesn’t awaken your internal butterflies. A biggie was finally understanding what a ‘condominium’ actually is, in this world of conservative concierges.

And world of Love Motels too.
These have existed always and sleeze associated so readily but for the price of a London B&B, you can stay for 12 hours in a beautiful apartment in Brazil’s capital. Yes, there is pole in the room and various contraptions and billable erotic products but there is also a hot tub, a steam room, a roof that opens to the sky, room service and a taxi that collects you. Smart and civilised.

Inspiration for our next site-specific production.

(More about art and games in Sap Paulo here)

08/10/11 Laura Photos

Here they are….

27/08/11 Laura

The flyer is out, the event is soon…

21/07/11 Which job would you have in the future?
You are all very interesting people. You, the ones that came to the Bunker PLC shows. And filled out the HQ registration forms. Here are your answers to the question.

Street Cleaner – Hairdresser – Holographic TV Presenter – A Good One – Ice cream Man – Flower Refresher – Space Janitor – Customer Service – Working with Youth – Offenders or Human Rights – Farmer – Master of Clouds – Astronaut – Millionairess – Day Dreamer – Planet Marshall of the universe – Ship Builder – Editor at a publishing house – Cafe Owner – I wish I knew – Something wonderful, full of magical possibilities – I.T – Charity Fundraiser! – Archaeologist – Robot Carer and Cultural Educator – Entrepeneur – Bunker PLC Techincal Adviser – In Charge of the Money – Personal Trainer – Writer – Car Mechanic – Dress Historian – Dream Catcher – Emperor – Beer Tester – Stage Mngr/ Lighting Designer – Assistant – Farmer – Astronaut – Lighting Designer – Doctor – CTO – Professional – Charity Worker – Software Engineer – Autor – Photographer – Scientist – Organiser – Legionaire – Writer – Retired – Balloon Driver – Zombie wrangler – Atmospheric artist – Space – Pilot – Scientist – Robot – Forager – Audio producer – The best one – Secret Agent – Otter Keeper – Shepherd – Energy – Writer – PA – None – Traveller – Same – Lover – Trend Analyst – Designer of Entertainment – Robot sales – Cyborg – Famous Artist – Astronaut – Pessimist Probably. Does that make me out of a job right now? – Spaceman – A proper job – Farmer – teen person – Director of Bunker PLC & the World – Philanthropist – Movie Star – Table guy – Tide Surfer – Architect – Filmaker – rocket scientist – Lady of Leisure – Wine connoisseur – Teacher – Queen – Director – Sleeper – Millionaire – A jobsworth – Brain Eater – Gene Hacker – Game Designer – Surgeon – Lord of all sound – Nuclear Physicist – Mother – Teacher – a happy one – Wig maker for androids – Superhero – Vet – Same – Head Strategist – Mech Pilot – Quiz Designer – Cloud Expert – Mother – Party Animal – Sales Manager – Curator – Space-goat – Carpenter – Human Pollination – Cloud Suspensor with Hydrolic Limbs – Scientist – President – Not sure – Wizard 2.0 – TBD – Carpenter – Princess Leah – President – Not Sure – Mother – Mechanic – Bunker Musician – Queen of the Evil Empire – Writer – Author – Prime Minister – Electrician – spaceman – Florist – Dentist – Florist – Actor – Superstar – Any – Garden – Copywriter – Chief Imaginer – Cloud Controller – Avatar – Chief Imagineer – Actuary – Train Driver – Drone Manufacturer – Antiques Dealer – Librarian (after restructuring) – Plumber – President – Layabout – Escape Artist – Astronaut – CEO – Social Worker – Entrepreneur – TV Presenter – Farmer – Marine Biologist – weather policing – Imagineer – Detective/Leader of the rebellion – Dog Walker – Zoo Keeper – Oxygen Designer & Builder – Catering Manager – All – Driver – Farmer – Dancer for Entertainment – Lighting – seezo – Old Air Archivist – Musician – Senior Oddball – Zombie Hunter – Researcher – Engineer – President – Astrounaut – Prime Minister – hhmmmmm – I like torture – Bunker Recruit – Lady of Leisure – dont know – Singer – Exotic dancer to the stars – inter planetary gardiner – Who Knows – Street Cleaner – Actuary, we’re ambitious like that – President of MegaCorp – Time Traveller -Taxidermist – HR Director – Nuclear Physisist – ? – Having a Job – I.T

29/06/11 Digital gets hands on
What a relief. We get to see digital and more known methods of artwork come together, increasingly. No longer do want a  divided stance on tech Vs non-tech. Paintbrushes and computer pens can be interchangeable:

And this sound installation using mapping is just too beautiful. Festival of the moment, Alpha-ville Festival – is leading on this post-digital revolution – running in London 22-25 Sep, 2011.

14/05/11 Jo & Olivia – ScreenDeep Directors have a chat

Watch the interview here 


29/04/11 Farms that go up

By the year 2030, most of the earth’s population will be living in cities. We will need 50% more food, water and energy to support the ever increasing population. Sound’s pretty scary stuff, doesn’t it?

Dr. Dickson Despommier, Ecologist and Environmental Health Scientist, has come up with a solution: Vertical Farming!

Dr Despommier’s farms will cultivate plant and animal life within skyscrapers. Using advanced greenhouse technology such as hydroponics and aeroponics, these Skyscrapers could theoretically produce fish, poultry, fruit and vegetables!


14/04/11 Pregnant Clouds
Cloud seeding is a hot topic and one of the many areas we’ve been researching for our next production – BUNKER PLC. Shooting rockets of silver iodine into pregnant clouds can make rain or shift them to one side to create sunny days. Weather modification is happening we tell you. Come to our sensory installation for a taste.


12/01/11 – Bunker project cranks up a gear!
Screendeep are excited to welcome another fantastic Artist on board for the Bunker project 2011. Violet Bennell will be offering her mysterious and beautiful sculptures to the dark and eerie space of the Bunker.

14/12/10 – Memento: Tracing History through Sound and Film
Memento at Trinity Buoy Wharf this weekend was a big thumbs up. People came, people saw (though it was spookily dark) and some people drank brandy and found torches. Everyone drank cognac though – thanks for sponsoring us Courvoisier! The Future Bank Fund helped us to run a very valuable test experience for our audience.

So we’ve hit the next stage of development for this interactive audio walk – where a new place and space is discovered, a way to connect the past and the present and a sensory way to engage with history.

Check out more of the pictures here: Screen Deep Flickr

Big thanks to CVTF500 for our wonderful miniatures which were commented on and loved and the support from Future Bank overall: CVTF500

22/11/10 – Memento at Trinity Buoy Wharf
A memento is a keepsake or souvenir of remembrance. We’d like togive you something to remember one Saturday in December.

We’re inviting you for a brief adventure at Trinity Buoy Wharf in deepest, darkest Docklands. We’ll take you there by boat and then, through headphones, you’ll be guided on an unusual journey around this most mysterious place.

The whole experience is free and will last about an hour and a half from start to finish. It will run for one night only – Saturday 11 December – but there are slots at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm.

We hope you’ll come and share your thoughts with us over a warming drink afterwards, so we can make the adventure bigger and better.

If you’re intrigued and prepared to wrap up warm, reply to by Friday 26 November with your preferred time slot and we’ll let you know more. North Greenwich is your starting point…

Love & woolly scarves,

The Memento Team

Are our lovely supporters. Thanks!



14/10/10 – Bunker Recce
It was all hearts a racing as the Screen Deep Team headed down low into the depths of the venue for the next production. Notes were taken on flooding possibilities (likely), stalictites removal (unlikely) and fear factor (high).


15/09/10 – Archives Central
Eyes went very cross-eyed after much perusing of Hackney Archives today. Press cuttings talking about air raid shelters at Clapton Common, amazingly bound business directories with really fragile pages and MAPS. Oh yeah, maps from 1846. This can mean only one thing – ScreenDeep Ladies are in research mode for new project…


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