Memento: Limehouse Town Hall

Memento: Tracing Stories through Sound

Limehouse Town Hall 2012

This forms the second part of the ‘Memento’ series.  Memento – Limehouse Town Hall, uses audio to guide listeners through the grand stories and little-known people of this building with a past. Looking at the first 50 years of it’s life from 1881, moments come alive through character driven narratives, heart-warming soundtracks and things to touch, taste, see. Take a memento from your experience or leave one behind.

The concept for this walk was lo-fi simplicity. The location speaks loudly so developing a complementary script and moving away from choreography was the focus. The aim was to create a personal piece of theatre that was effective alone or in a group.


Audio Sample: A snippet

Photos: From the walk and event 

Download: Memento Limehouse Press Release


The Team
Olivia Bellas – Project Director & Writer
Perdita Stott – Project Coordinator

Adam Mendez – Sound Design
Craig Murray: Graphic Design, Teaser Video
Dan Brown – Technical Coordinator
Waverley Keys: Soundtrack

Jo Shaw –  Set & Props
Nichola Charalambou (Creative Writes) – Script Advisor
Sarah Carroll & Kathy Clarke – Archive/Research


Thank you to all at Limehouse Town Hall Consortium Trust:


Steph Patten: Voiceover – Narrator
Sarah Victoria: Voiceover – Rachel Schneider
Jamie Zubairi: Voiceover – Bao Zhang
Ned Palmer: Voiceover – Mr Hawkridge


Thanks to funding from:

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